Teaching at Diwali



Also as part of the tribute to modern actresses I was given the opportunity to choreograph a piece in honour of Kareena Kapoor. I took a song called “its rocking” and attempted to recreate the atmosphere in the movie through the dance. To ensure this happened I made an effort to include any iconic movements that people would recognise and also keep similar structures that were in the dance.

This time I was teaching an older group of girls and so they often picked up steps quickly. However due to other commitments they often couldn’t make it to practises which became more of a problem as there were difficulties in deciding the number of the group. The positioning and structure had to continuously change often confusing matters.

Where to practise the dance quickly became a problem for me. As this was an independent performance I had to arrange for a rehearsal place myself. Initially the girls were able to practise in my house, however, as numbers increased it became difficult. To solve this I asked my advisor if we could practise in our dance hall, for the cost of £5 from each of the girls for one day every week, for 4 weeks. As the performance drew closer, each girl was required to pay £10 for the cost of larger halls where we practised with the other dancers in the event.

This time the costume decision was complete;y up to me and I originally intended on ordering trousers in the style of the video. After browsing website I had selected a costume. However, due to timing issues and 2 members of my group were in multiple dances I had to co-ordinate costumes with another group leader. After discussion we select a costume, attempting to make it suitable for both our dance sequences. I found this on Boohoo. com and as we ordered in bulk, in advance, the dress cost £10 each rather than £12. They were asked to provide their own black leggings and 2 black accessories.

We had a technical rehearsal in the morning, which aided me in specifying to the girls where the changing rooms and backstage entrance in the CNS hall was.



The rest of the movements were either inspired from other performances or had been gathered by previous moves I had learnt. After the last performance I had learnt some lessons and decided to choreograph only the first section then do the rest once I had learnt the ability of the group so I didn’t  have to keep changing it.

Although the girls were older they actually less experienced and in fact 2 members of the 9 had never danced on stage before. I therefore had to spend much more time than previously planned, working on their performance confidence and stage presence.

After pointing out stage positions and timings they each went home, following technical rehearsal and arrived later on for the performance to have their make-up done by me.



There were some lessons I learnt from this experience such as making sure I had control over group numbers and keeping down members to a minimum so it was easier to liaise with them. (a record of contact with the girls, is in a separate folder)

The group which I taught did very well and were well co-ordinated, but it could have been better with increased confidence.




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