Anusha Subhramanyam- Workshop


Anusha SubramanyamAnusha Subhramanyam, renowned dancer and teacher, came to our dance class to give us a workshop on dance and exercise. She presented her unique way of learning dance to us and we really enjoyed our time with her. First she showed us a fun and lively, but effective way to warm up and explained the importance of doing so. Next we worked on some basic steps of Bharatanatyam and after observing what we could do, she taught us a way i which to turn even the most simplest of steps into something exciting through facial expression. We explored the behaviour and characteristics of certain animals and worked on how to improve our dance by putting these into each step. This was a fantastic way of understanding the impact of expression. We finished with a cooling down activity, which she also explained the importance of. Finally she gave time to narrate her experience as a dancer ad teacher, which was very inspirational.

As well as man other things, Anusha is also a teacher at CAT, the centre for advanced training and following our workshop with her and watching some of our other performances she selected some of us to audition for the recently created Bharatanatyam programme. Although I turned down the place I was offered I really enjoyed the whole process, including the audition, and enjoyed learning how contemporary dance could be mixed with Bharatanatyam.


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